Communes in the New World

1740 – 1972


L. and O.M.Ungers

Nothing about how we live today is sustainable. Therefore, a profound paradigm shift is imminent (indeed is already underway). To paraphrase Marx and Engels, all that is solid has melted into air, all that was sacred has been profaned, and humanity is compelled to face with sober senses the real conditions of life, our relations with each other and this planet.

First published nearly fifty years ago, Kommunen in der Neuen Welt 1740–1972 handles its subject matter with precision and brevity; it is an excellent introduction to the fantastical reality of utopian life in the “New World”.

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65 × 104mm, 102pp + postcard
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Kommunen: Utopian Communes
in the New World 1740–1972

Original text by Liselotte and Oswald Mathias Ungers
Translated by Winston Hampel
Edited by Winston Hampel and Jack Self
Design by Christopher Lawson
and Seb McLauchlan

Sadly, we are not able to personally thank Liselotte Ungers (1925–2010) or Oswald Mathias Ungers (1926–2007). We are grateful to the Ungers Archive, to Sophia Ungers and Anja Sieber-Albers. Without their generosity and help, this book would have been impossible.

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